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We are centrally located and travel to all South Bay Area cities. Our plumbing services are the highest quality and we can be there quickly in most emergencies.

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Our Plumbing Services:


General plumbing services:

Hayden Church Plumbing is a full service plumbing company. If you have need of a plumber, call us and we can provide an estimate or we can be on-site in a timely manner.


Water heater service:

Hot water is a luxury that we usually take for granted (until it breaks). You plan on taking a hot shower in the morning and realize very quickly and painfully that your shower must be cold or nothing. Cold showers are painful, and worse, you need a plumber.

Hayden Church Plumbing is there when you need a fast and reliable plumber. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to get your hot water back. We have installed literally thousands of water heaters since 1965. We have spent decades researching the best products on the market so that we can focus on selling the best.

Often, hot water runs out before it should. There are 3 main causes of running out of hot water.


  • • There is something wrong with the heating element, thermostat, etc.
  • • Your water heater is too small for your use.
  • • You're consuming too much hot water (ie. long showers, etc.).


Sewer Pipeline

Sewer camera inspection is a great tool to precisely diagnose your plumbing. The camera provides visual information that allows us to pinpoint your problem. Common problems include a tree root or crushed pipe. Without such precision repairing a drain or sewer is simply just not as effective. A preventative sewer camera inspection is also a great way to fix any potential problems before they become truly serious. Fixing a bent pipe before it becomes a broken pipe sure is a lot easier on your wallet and avoids a huge hassle.